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Sep 17, 2012 5:00am EDT
. >> it is about romney is really that pure? >> they're flailing at the moment. the comments toward egypt and libya in the last few days and before that talking about the chicago school strike and trying to pin that on obama suggests that romney has given up on may be making this about job creation or the economy as they have said all year. it does not seem to sustain the ryan debate over the question of the size of government. i think we thought it was supposed to be a sort of aesthetic distinction between the parties. it does not seem like it was part of a broader argument that, either over the course of that week in tampa or since then, that the obama campaign -- >> do think they took it as the reason to have a broader argument on their own? >> i think they did. they have been getting ready to run against the ryan plan before we had any idea that he was near romney's short list. as charles was saying, the number of money spent trying to define romney was this very well planned, a deliberate effort during the summer to attack ronny's role at bain capital, his job creation record as governor of ma
Sep 9, 2012 9:30pm EDT
is coming up on tuesday. the uprisings, the intervention in libya. it has been a long and difficult streak for the united states in that part of the world. as far as our money goes in terms of egypt, i think this is money well spent first of all. the money that would go towards the debt relief is money that has already been allocated. and the $1 billion is not actually $1 billion. if you value it on the international debt market, it would certainly be a lot less than that. but egypt, investing in egypt -- it is the largest arab country by population. and it is strategically located. and the consequences of a collapse in egypt are far greater than the relatively modest amounts of money that we actually spend their. the caller raised the issue of the coptic christians in egypt. they represent -- best estimates are 9%, 10% of the country. they are well integrated into the political, social, other aspects of the society. but there are tensions. there was an incident between a christian man and a muslim dry cleaner. erupted into a violent episode. this is in many ways something egyptians have b
Sep 23, 2012 9:20pm EDT
and families whose lives were lost in libya. and particularly today, a navy seal tyrone woods family. if you would all join me and pause for a moment for all the brave americans who prove that every day freedom is not free. thank you. just like we came together 11 years ago, our country is coming together during the most critical elections of our lifetime. i have the honor of having a few women behind me that i know for massachusetts. i want you to be aware of some things. as governor, half of the cabinet and senior staff were women. some of them are here right now. in fact, he was ranked as number year -- #one every year for having more women in his senior positions. they were at the heart of the economic turnaround in massachusetts. his chief of staff was a woman. his lieutenant governor was a woman. these women on the stage and those other women were women that helped him to change the environment for business and put the economy and job creation on a growth path. i am going to introduce a few of those women that are here with us on the stage today. she worked to create jobs during his ad
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3